Angels are messengers representing specific aspects or vibrations of the Creator. Their help comes not from doing things for us , but from providing the guidance so that we may gain the insights necessary to work it out for our-self.

Angelic Pathworking is an exploratory process, similar to but more experiential than meditation, focusing on connecting with the various Angelic Realms so that we may increase our understanding of our true inner being, and progress more consciously along our spiritual path.

During this workshop you will be introduced to the various planes or Angelic Realms of the Angelic Hierarchy and the aspect or vibrations over which they have influence.

We will discuss the purpose and philosophy of Angelic Pathworking, learn techniques and participate in exercises and Guided Pathworkings to help us contact and communicate with our Guardian Angel and other Angelic Guides.

In addition to the workshop notes, each participant will receive a starter kit for use in Pathworking and a copy of any exercise or Pathworking used during the workshop.

Workshop Fee 65

Telephone 01469 533312