Every-one of us has a purpose in the universal plan. But for many of us, this purpose is veiled behind the routine of daily life. It is now the time to release the veil to become who you really are.

During this workshop you will review & discuss the humanity’s place in the plan

Through the discussion of your personal Path Work Astrology Report and Esoteric Psychology we will assist you to release the veil of illusion so that you can more easily see who you really are. You will be introduced to the Cosmic and Angelic Hierarchy and the examine patterns which they influenced at the time of your birth.

You will participate in exercises which allow you to see the patterns you have created in your life, both those which move you forward and those which hold you back.

You will learn how to integrate this information so that you can find your purpose within the plan and promote the transformation you need to truly walk your chosen Life Path.

In addition to the workshop notes, each participant will receive a Pathwork Astrology Foundation Report a Transformational Junction Addendum and copies of guided imagery and exercises used during the workshop.

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E-mail: carolyn@the-sacred-butterfly.co.uk