Path Work Astrology combines aspects from Exoteric, Esoteric, and Transformational Astrology and Numerology to provide you with an insight into the patterns, the Celestial and Angelic Energies which influence your life.

The goal of the written reports is to help to you to understand the underlying meaning of life’s remarkably varied experiences so that you are able to bring about the personal transformations necessary to more consciously walk your chosen Life Path.

A Foundation Report provides a snapshot of the Celestial and Angelic Energies and their influences at the time of your birth, and reveals the potential to be found within your life path.

Transformational Junctions build upon the Foundation by examining your major Life Path Rites, identifying your life cycles, so you can work with the energies as they influence in your every-day life.

Foundation Report £25
Transformational Junctions
from £40


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